Explore First Nations museums

Tour guide Bryana Jack in the Frog House at ‘Ksan Historical Village and Museum. Photo: Amanda Follett.

National Aboriginal Day is June 21. Mark the occasion with a trip–actual or virtual–to one of the province’s excellent museums and cultural centres, such as the ’Ksan Historical Village and Museum in Hazelton. This “living museum” recognizes the rich history and vibrant present of the Gitxsan community. Writer Amanda Follett explored the place for the Summer 2012 issue of British Columbia Magazine.

Click here to read “Living Culture At ’Ksan”  

The Haida Heritage Centre is another notable museum near Skidegate on Haida Gwaii. Enjoy a preview of its many beautiful artifacts in our “Haida Heritage Centre” online gallery, featuring images from the Summer 2008 article “Opening doors.”


The new Nisga’a Museum (more formally known as Hli Goothl Wilp-Adokshl Nisga’a) in the Nass Valley is a must-see for northern travellers. The museum’s stunning displays and treasures were displayed in a 10-page photo essay, “Heart & Soul,” in the Winter 2012 issue. Read Jane Nahirny’s Editor’s Note “A powerful welcome” on the topic, or watch a video from the trip below.

For those in the Lower Mainland, check out the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre in Whistler, which opened in 2008. As Jenny Manzer reports in “Sea-to-Sky,” in the Fall 2009 issue, “Visitors can view a Squamish longhouse, eat venison chilli, make a cedar basket, and enjoy a cultural performance.”


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