Riding The Tatshenshini

British Columbian freeride mountain bike legends take a trip of a lifetime in new adventure documentary

Searching for the ultimate ride, four generations of freeride mountain bike athletes find an experience of a lifetime it the newly released Riding the Tatshenshini.

Produced by Red Bull Canada, Freeride Entertainment and TELUS, Riding the Tatshenshini documents the journey of local BC talents, ‘The Godfather’ of freeriding Wade Simmons and Darren ‘The Claw’ Berrecloth, as well as slopestyle pioneer Tyler McCaul and rookie Carson Storch of the US, as they set into untapped terrain to trek, camp and bike in the Yukon and BC’s northern wilderness

Filmed in August 2016, the documentary takes these riders, and viewers, into an amazing corner of the world that few will ever see first-hand. The initial goal was to capture epic downhill footage (which they did!) but the film was inspired by its namesake. Spanning the northwest corner of British Columbia and southwestern Yukon, the Tatshenshini is known as one of the most magnificent river systems on earth.


“The trip was centered around the river. Our aboriginal guides educated us on their history and how they used the river for travel, trade and survival.” says Berrecloth. “They shared what the Tatshenshini means to them as a culture—I gained so much respect for the river itself.”

Darren Berrecloth, along with Wade Simmons, Tyler McCaul, Carson Storch and their guide Mike Neville paddle down the Tatshenshini River in the Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada on September 6, 2016. Photo Credit: Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

Every day brought on a new challenge and learning. Packing gear, loading and unloading rafts, floating the river for sometimes nine hours at a time, the group would reach their next location to ride a new line, explore the area, camp and do it all again. And no day went without excitement: battling the elements, waking amongst fresh grizzly tracks, seeing the impact of glacier melt and biking untouched landscape, this two-week excursion transcended the sport of freeriding.

As well, with riders at a different pinnacle in their careers, they each give a unique perspective on the trip. From a 47-year-old veteran to a 24-year-old rookie, we see an interesting dynamic and learn how they each interpret the terrain.


Parksville local, Berrecloth, who grew up honing his skills on the mountains of Vancouver Island and has ridden professionally all over the world, says of the journey, “It was the sickest terrain in the northwest I have ever rode. I did one line that really scared me—I was glad I made it to the bottom.”

This is an adventure film that is more than bike riding, it’s a bucket-list trip, seeing a part of the world that few ever get to see.

Darren Berrecloth, along with Tyler McCaul, Carson Storch and their guide Mike Neville paddle through Alsek Lake in the Tatshenshini-Alsek Provincial Park in British Columbia, Canada on September 8, 2016. Photo Credit: Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

“People who don’t even ride a bike will watch and be entertained to see the area and want to experience it,” says Berrecloth. “BC’s backyard offers some of the best outdoor experiences in the world. Great to understand it, but also educate people after they watch the film, to take back some new-found respect of the area and motivate people to get outside and enjoy how special it is.”

Riding the Tatshenshini is available on Red Bull TV and  https://www.redbull.tv/film/AP-1R8N13JRD2111TELUS customers can find it on Optik TV™ in HD and 4K via Ch.707.


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