Nick Bantock’s Saltspring-inspired artwork

Nick Bantock, author and illustrator of the bestselling Griffin & Sabine books, is known worldwide for his collage work. For “Nick Bantock’s Saltspring” in our Spring 2009 issue, he created the wonderful series in this gallery to evoke the spirit of his island home.

The pieces are indicative of how the artist sees the world. For Bantock, it is more meaningful to convey the essence of a place than to provide a literal view.

“If you show someone a photograph of a tree next to a beach in front of the water on Saltspring,” he says, “you’re not giving them anything other than ‘This is how it is.’”


To see more of Bantock’s artwork, visit The Forgetting Room (250-537-0096), his studio/gallery on Saltspring Island, and check out his website at

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