June 2015 #ILoveBC Instagram Roundup

Happy Canada Day everyone!

Congratulations to everybody who made our June 2015 #ILoveBC Instagram collection.  I was on vacation for part of June, so this list is a little smaller than normal, so I apologize to anybody who might have been overlooked.

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200 People at the Peak of Mount Seymour

Credit: https://instagram.com/deshoots/

200+ people at the peak of Mount Seymour? Have I told you how much I love BC?

Date Posted: June 30, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/4j7X15xEWN/
Photographer: @deshoots

A breathtaking view of Joffre Lake

Credit: https://instagram.com/northwestrambling/

Joffre Lakes is fairly easy on the eyes


Date Posted: June 29, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/4hlCkNxERC/
Photographer: @northwestrambling

Canoeing Indian Arm

Not a bad day for a little exercise paddling the Indian Arm

Date Posted: June 23, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/4SCVgyRERX/
Photographer: @bleachedblack

Watching the Waves Roll In

Credit: https://instagram.com/shaylasutton/

No shortage of beauty in beautiful British Columbia

Date Posted: June 18, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/4FNVE8xEfY/
Photographer: @shaylasutton

The Milky Way and Aurora Borealis from Porteau Cove

Credit: Jason Do Carmo

Date Posted: June 15, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/39aO8HxEeM/
Photographer: @jdocarmophotography

Exploring Golden

Credit: https://instagram.com/andymacbee/

Before you head on a long vacation, don’t forget to explore your own backyard.

Date Posted: June 9, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/3ukmZVxEY2/
Photographer: @andymacbee

A Couple of Friendly Deer

Credit: http://www.instagram.com/ryemckenzie

A couple of friendly deer grazing at Westwood Plateau golf course

Date Posted: June 8, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/3rPhubREXf/
Photographer: @ryemckenzie

Chilliwack Lake

Credit: https://instagram.com/ChrisPrinn/

Hiking, fishing, canoeing, camping – choose your poison at Chilliwack Lake

Date Posted: June 5, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/3j7E0TRESX
Photographer: @ChrisPrinn

Rain in June

Credit: https://instagram.com/dahul/

Sometimes rain is nice in June

Date Posted: June 4, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/3hleCsREcm
Photographer: @dahul

Ridge of The Lions

Credit: https://instagram.com/mistertasmith/

Overlooking Vancouver from the ridge of The Lions

Date Posted: June 3, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/3eTnuYxEa-
Photographer: @mistertasmith

Surfs Up!

Credit: https://instagram.com/carowakesurf/

Girls can shred too! Wake Surfing at Tie Lake

Date Posted: June 2, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/3byVi1REd2/
Photographer: @carowakesurf

Snow Topped Mountains at Joffre Lake

Credit: https://instagram.com/trevorbuchan/

Ice blue water and gorgeous snow topped mountains at Joffre Lake

Date Posted: June 1, 2015
On Instagram: https://instagram.com/p/3ZwjqyREZ0/
Photographer: @trevorbuchan

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