Gwaii Haanas gallery

Gwaii Haanas (officially Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site) encompasses the lower Haida Gwaii archipelago. This enchanting and expansive place lives up to its mythical reputation. Opportunities abound for visitors to witness wildlife, explore Haida cultural sites, marvel at intertidal life, experience the quiet of a rainforest, and watch the sunrise cast the Hecate Strait in magenta hues. Associate Editor Shanna Baker visited Gwaii Haanas on a trip with Ocean Light II Adventures. Her article “Islands of beauty” and photographs appear in the Summer 2014 issue. Here, we share more images from the adventure.

An aerial view on the approach to Gwaii Haanas
Rose Harbour at dawn
Rick Albert of Vancouver composes a photograph of the poles at SGang Gwaay
The Ocean Light II at sail
Memorial pole at SGang Gwaay
Steller sea lions in southern Gwaii Haanas park reserve
Old growth forest in Gwaii Haanas park reserve
Exploring Burnaby (Dolomite) Narrows
Island Bay on a foggy morning
Colourful foliage in Gwaii Haanas
Sunrise in Gwaii Haanas park reserve
Jenn Broom cooks salmon and bannock on a beach
View from the Skedans Islands
Haida Gwaii Watchman Shyla Cross at Skedans
The Ocean Light II at sunset
Intertidal life
Hoisting the mainsail
Swimming at the base of a waterfall in Gwaii Haanas


The Ocean Light II anchored in a calm bay

Haida Gwaii Watchman “Duck Soup” telling stories at T’aanuu Llnagaay
A visitor admires the towering totems of SGang Gwaay

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