Famous Places: Spur 4 Bridge

In the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, there lies a stretch of bridge over a river. This site, the Spur 4 bridge, has been used in movies and TV shows.


The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve on Rice Lake Road, North Vancouver.


The Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve stretches 5,668 hectares and is home to some rugged and beautiful landscapes – which, apparently, caught the attention of Hollywood. With alpine peaks, forested slopes and stunning waters all within Northern Vancouver, this is an ideal set up for a movie or TV show.


Fame & Fortune

The bridge has been featured in episodes of The 100, such as episode #109 when Clarke attempts to negotiate with the Grounder leader, Anya; in several episodes of Once Upon A Time; The Fringe; The X-Files; Human Target; Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and Eureka. The bridge was also showcased in The Revenant, where they’re carrying Hugh’s stretcher across the river.


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