BC Photo Challenge Pro Tips: Capturing Nighttime Clouds

Take advantage of the dwindling light to capture a unique photo of the clouds. Nature photographer Steve Jones explains!

Be sure to enter your photos of Beautiful British Columbia in BC Magazine’s Photo Challenge! There are four categories – nature, adventure, scenic and culture.

On capturing nighttime clouds: “It’s difficult to capture a sense of motion in the clouds during the day, unless you have a very strong filter to block out enough light to do a long exposure. During a moonlight night, it becomes much easier to achieve this effect. It’s hard to plan for this type of shot so you need to keep your eyes on the sky. When you have a moonlit night with a broken cloud layer, be ready to shoot. If you intend to capture the moon in your photo, you won’t want to use a shutter speed any lower than 30 seconds or the moon will stretch across your photo in an oval and look quite odd.”


Check out Steve’s work at stevenjonesphotography.ca.

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