If you’re looking to get away from it all, Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park is the place you’ll want to get away to.

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The Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park is located on the northeast side of Quadra Island, at the southern tip of Sonora Island and at the junction of Quadra, Sonora and Maurelle Islands.



This park is only accessible by boat. Boaters should reference marine chart #3537 and #3539 for more information.

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Park size

The park encompasses 762 hectares – 404 hectares of upland and 458 hectares of foreshore.


About this park

A small group of islands make up this park, and provide safe anchorage for boaters looking to camp or explore. The park was established in March 1974.

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Why you should go

If one of your resolutions for 2017 was to get out more, explore more of this great province, you’ll want to add Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park to your list of things to do this year. As if the adventure in paddling out to this park isn’t great enough, there are opportunities for ocean swimming and fishing along the way, hiking, scuba diving and wilderness camping – what more could you ask for? There’s even a portage route available from Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park to Small Inlet Provincial Park, where you’ll find a hiking trail that takes you to Newton Lake – a great place to go swimming.


Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park would make a wonderful long weekend escape. So pack your bags and get paddling!


Notable information

The Octopus Islands Marine Provincial Park is part of the BC Marine Trail Association network of campsites, resting areas and safe havens for boaters and paddlers. The trail is cared for and maintained by the users. Once complete, the network will stretch from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and down into Puget Sound.


Waterfowl hunting is available within portions of the park, and ocean fishing is available in certain locations.

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