Waterproof Your Matches

By Michaela Ludwig

Whether you’re out camping, hiking, kayaking or fishing, matches are always an important item to have along in your pack. But matches will only help you if they’ll light, so before heading out on your next adventure, make sure to waterproof your matches.


Using paraffin wax to coat your matches is a popular way to waterproof them, but the wax can gum up your striker. Instead, try using nail polish.



Fill a cap full of clear nail polish. Dip the match head into the polish and lay it on the end of a table, with the head hanging off the edge, until it dries. Once the head has dried, dip the wooden part of the match into the nail polish bottle, coating the rest of the match completely. Put the now-coated match on wax paper to dry.

Matches in red box for bonfire 3D illustration. Cartoon drawing of matchbox for making fire during picnic, camping or hiking trip in 3D style on white background. Camping, recreation concept

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