Vancouver beaches gallery

To accompany Steve Burgess’s article “This way to the beach” in the Summer 2013 issue of British Columbia Magazine, photographer Kathleen Hinkel had the task of capturing the city’s most noteworthy beaches. Along the way, she joined in a playful mud fight at Spanish Banks Beach, waded up to her neck in English Bay, and braved the crowds at Kitsilano Beach during the Celebration of Light fireworks competition.

Which Vancouver Beach is this photographer’s favourite? “That’s a tough one because Kits Beach has been like a front yard to me, so it’s home and Wreck Beach has as much character as any beach I’ve visited in North America,” she says. “But if I had to pick a favorite I’d have to say the beach at Spanish Banks. In my opinion it has the best views and the crowds are lighter so you get more real estate! It’s an ideal place to peacefully soak in the sun and have a picnic and an easy place to spread out and toss the frisbee.”

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