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Raising, harvesting and serving up organic meats

Pasture to Plate (P2P) is exactly what the name implies: a one-stop shop for BC-raised meats straight from the ranch. As a vertically integrated business, animals are raised on the P2P ranch in Redstone, BC, before being harvested respectfully and processed at Chilcotin Harvest, the small-scale, ranch-owned harvesting facility. P2P completes the cycle with two Vancouver storefronts located in East Vancouver (1420 Commercial Drive) and  English Bay (1061 Denman Street: pictured right).

Above x2: Pasture to Plate bistro at 1061 Denman Street. All photos courtesy of P2P.



The Commercial Dr. location offers whole-animal, nose-to-tail butchery, selling house-made sausages and charcuterie products. The Denman location, in addition to whole-animal butchery, operates as a bistro serving up fresh burgers, house-made ramen noodles in P2P pork broth, sausages, drinking broths and made-to-order sandwiches. Customers can also order meats online for pick-up in store or opt for delivery, available in select regions.

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Originally a traditional cattle ranch, the Rafter 25 Ranch has diversified to accommodate their customer base and improve the land to include chickens (for meat and eggs), turkeys, sheep and hogs. Cattle spend the summer and fall season on the range. The Rafter 25 Ranch manages 160,000 hectares of rangeland, which is shared with the local wildlife.
Sows farrow (birth young) inside the Sowsallito Hotel. Pigs have access to the outdoors at all times, but enjoy the deep-litter bedding system and cozy, safe atmosphere inside the Sowsallito.
Come summertime, young piglets spend their days grazing in the lush pastures with their mothers.
The meat chickens are started in the barn indoors when they still need to be kept warm. As soon as they are big enough they are moved to the outdoors where they are protected by electric mesh fences and moveable housing. While chickens eat some grass, they spend more of their time chasing bugs, which make up a big part of the protein in their diet. Laying hens are kept in green pastures during the summer and fall months where they have a mobile egg station.
Like the chickens, turkeys on the ranch are outdoors on pasture from the time they are big enough to leave the barn.
The sheep flock stays on the ranch year round, being moved from pasture to pasture throughout the year and, maintaining their fully grazing diet, eating hay and sprouts during the winter season.
Horses are still used for cowboy work on the ranch at times but spend most of their time roaming the pastures.
The ranch preserves diverse habitats, including wetlands for wild birds and forests for local wildlife and birds alike. Lush pastures and hayfields are the result of many decades of good land management and continual investment in improvements to the vast expanses of land that make up the Rafter 25 Ranch.
Want to see it for yourself? Plan a trip to the ranch and stay a while! The ranch offers cozy, classic accommodations for both one night stays and long-term housing for those coming to the region for work in the surrounding community.



Visit Pasture to Plate’s website for more information and click here to order or visit one of the following locations:

P2P Whole-Animal Butcher Shop
1420 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC V5L 3X9
Phone: 604-215-0050

P2P Grill, Broths, Deli & Butcher Shop
1061 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC, V6G 2M7
Phone: 604-689-0202

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