Hike The Whippoorwill Point Trail

From Harrison Hot Springs Resort to a secluded beach and back again

While visiting Harrison Hot Springs, take a break from the spa and explore a little more of the area. You won’t be disappointed!

Photo by Tourism Harrison

Past the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, you’ll find the Whippoorwill Point Trail. This relatively easy, four-kilometre trail takes you past hidden Sandy Cove beach and will give you fine views of the Harrison River. Although the trail is marked as easy, hikers should be wearing proper footwear and be in good physical condition. It’ll take about an hour-and-a-half to complete the hike, and the trail is steep in some sections.

Past hikers have said the trail is not that well marked, so keep an eye out for the markers that do exist and be sure you stay on track. To access the trail, vancouvertrails.com explains that you need to follow the wide, gravel service road around the end of the lake from Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Many visitors come this way to view the source of the hot springs, but then they turn back towards the resort. Once you’re at the hot springs’ source, you’ll want to keep going to the end of the road, and a metal fence. To your left will be a steep trail that leads into the forest, and this is the way you’ll want to go.

Photo by Tourism Harrison

Along the trail, you’ll pass by Sandy Cove. This beach is hidden and usually not very busy, since the only way to access it is by this trail or by boat. If you walk along the beach, you’ll see the trail continues at the far end, where there’s a white cross nailed to a tree.

The trail will take you out to Whippoorwill Point and back around, and then you can take the service road back to Harrison Hot Springs Resort. Once you’re back at the resort, you can treat yourself to a dip in the hot springs after your adventure.

Photo by Tourism Harrison

For more information on the trail and how to get there, visit www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/whippoorwill-point-trail/ or www.alltrails.com/trail/canada/british-columbia/sandy-cove-trail. The trail is open all year round, and could be a great opportunity for a snowshoeing adventure as much as a splendid summer hike.

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