Famous Places: Whytecliff Park Beach

Not far from downtown Vancouver, you’ll find a gem that looks out towards the end of the world. Whytecliff Park is a popular attraction not only for locals and tourists alike, but also Hollywood.


Whytecliff Park is located in West Vancouver, next to Horseshoe Bay – 7102 Marine Dr.


Whytecliff Park opened in 1909, and over 200 marine animals call this area home. This park was one of the first Marine Protected Areas in Canada.


Not only is the beach area beautiful to look at, it’s a great place to spend the day, or even just the afternoon. There’s space for your family barbeque, as well as the convenience of public washrooms. Go hiking, swimming or even diving while you’re there.

Fame & Fortune

Whytecliff Park Beach is a popular location for TV shows such as Once Upon A Time, Arrow, Caprica, Primeval: New World and UnREAL. This is also the beach featured in The Anachronism.


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