Famous Places: John H. McDonald House

The John H. McDonald House and other homes in the area have caught the eyes of movie producers in Hollywood. Take a drive along these sunny streets and see which homes catch your eye!


The John H. McDonald House is located at 417 5 St., New Westminster, BC.


This stunning home was designed by Vancouver architectural firm Townley & Matheson in 1936. Outside, the profile of the house is proportioned and symmetrical, similar to Georgian-style houses built in the 17th century. Inside, you’ll find the living room, dining room and library just off the main staircase. No wonder this beautiful home has attracted movie producers!


Claim to fame

This historic Colonial Revival house has been showcased as the mayor’s residence in Once Upon A Time and Viola’s house in She’s The Man. Other homes in the area have been showcased on TV shows and in movies, as well.


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