Chasing the Sun- The Incredible Sunrises and Sunsets of Osoyoos

I have a confession to make: I’ve only passed through Osoyoos, and it was years ago as a teen. However, I do remember the impression it left upon me, quite markedly. It was August and we were moving my sister from Castlegar, back home to Vancouver Island. The weather was hot and heat physically radiated off the horizon. I was fascinated by the arid and dramatic scenery of the desert. It was so unfamiliar, so foreign. Driving east to west through Osoyoos, the road navigates you through a series of hairpin turns, and finally descends down to the city centre. The lake sat as an oasis on the valley floor. Driving out of Osoyoos would prove just as memorable as entry. Leaning against the window I spied a curious landmark. A collection of blue pools, like buttons scattered on a whitewashed plain. Before I could give it much more thought we were already miles past it. (Check out slide #5 to find out what the pools were and how they’re created.)

Safari Beach Resort Sunset

Credit: Agnieszka Stryjecka,

Photographer’s notes: We stayed in the Safari Beach Resort which is just ideal for families providing a private sandy beach to relax on and for the kids to play. The Resort offers beautiful views of the spectacular Osoyoos Lake, vineyards and surrounding mountains. In the evening the owners start a fire on the beach for the kids offering marshmellows, story telling and a relaxed evening for the parents. The owners are truly wonderful and helpful in everything.

Photographer: Agnieszka Stryjecka


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Road Trip Respite in Osoyoos

Credit: Sandeep Kalra

Photographer’s notes: We were driving on our way to Vancouver from Saskatchewan, and decided to break up the trip with a stay in Osoyoos. We got there just as the sun was setting and were greeted with a spectacular view from the mountain top. The sky was a blazing orange and pink, and the lake was drenched with the same hues. It was a memorable sight. We pulled over and captured this moment.

Photographer: Sandeep Kalra


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Winter Sunrise Surprise

Credit: Gary Johnston

Photographer’s notes: A colourful January sunrise as seen from the drive to school. One should always carry their camera with them as the desert constantly reveals many different mysterious looks.

Photographer: Gary Johnston

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Haynes Point Sunset

Credit: Mick, Flickr/mickrange

Photographer’s notes: Once it starts to rain here in Vancouver, I always try to remember there are days like this one, in late September. This image was captured from sẁiẁs Provincial Park (Haynes Point), a slim strip of land that juts out into Osoyoos Lake.

Photographer: Mick

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Sunset over Spotted Lake

Credit: Destination Osoyoos

Photographer’s notes: It’s impossible to ignore peculiar Kliluk, or Spotted Lake, when driving along Highway 3. Come summer, the lake evaporates, leaving behind mineral rich pools. The water has high concentrations calcium, sodium sulphates and magnesium sulphates, and when the latter crystalizes the colours intensify. Kliluk has holds significance to the First Nations in the area, revered as a sacred site containing therapeutic water.

Photographer: Destination Osoyoos

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Fire in the Sky

Credit: Gary Johnston

Photographer’s notes: One of the many fiery summer sunsets as seen from the mountain east of town.

Photographer: Gary Johnston

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Nk’Mip Desert Sunset

Credit: Evelyn Berg

Photographer’s notes: Those travelling through Osoyoos should not miss the Nk’Mip Desert Cultural Centre. The interpretive centre welcomes visitors for on-site tours that explore a reconstructed traditional village. There are engaging interactive displays, celebrating the rich heritage of the Okanagan people and promoting awareness of the endangered NK’MIP desert ecosystem.

Photographer: Evelyn Berg

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Vintage Osoyoos Lake Sunset

Credit: Benny Hill

Photographer’s notes: This sunset was taken on a vintage non-SLR 35 mm camera, back in 1998. I was with my father who was fishing on Lake Osoyoos.

Photographer: Benny Hill

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Twilight Falls Over the Grapes

Credit: Joe Barnett

Photographer’s notes: The sun dips over the mountains, flooding the winery in soft light.

Photographer: Joe Barnett

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Pretty as a Picture

Credit: Marko Tran

Photographer’s notes: This sunset photo is of Lake Osoyoos‎, near the Sandy Beach Motel, where my wife and I spend a week every August. We enjoy swimming in the lake and riding our bikes in the desert sun on the Kettle Valley Railway Trail. We also look forward to all the fresh fruit and vegetables that are so plentiful this time of year.

Photographer: Marko Tran

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Credit: Gary Johnston

Photographer’s notes: The Warrior (Marchand statue) guards the desert at Nk’Mip in Osoyoos.

Photographer: Gary Johnston

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Complimentary Colours

Credit: David Niven

Photographer’s notes: I was visiting Osoyoos whilst on holiday with my family – we live in England near Stratford upon Avon. This picture was taken around 10 p.m. from the jetty at Walnut Beach Resort, on Lake Osoyoos. We were there towards the end of June this year. The long twighlight and a few clouds really made for a spectacular sunset!

Photographer: David Niven

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Lakeside Lookout

Credit: Sandeep Kalra

Photographer’s notes: I captured this image while strolling along the beautiful lake. We found Osoyoos laid back and welcoming.

Photographer: Sandeep Kalra

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