Avalanche dogs

Bruce Kirkby, a Kimberley-based writer and photographer, collects a lot of extraordinary experiences (a 40-day trip along the remote north coast of Borneo by folding kayak; a 1,000-kilometre, 37-day trek across Iceland; an 80-day horse-supported trek in the Republic of Georgia; a 1,000-kilometre, 40-day journey by camel across Arabia’s southern desert, to name a few).

Recently he tried something new — getting buried in a snow cave and “rescued” by a four-legged hero-in-training. Kirkby attended the Canadian Avalanche Rescue Dog Association annual training camp in Golden where dogs and their owners honed their snow-rescue skills. His photographs and article, “Dogs to the rescue,” appear in the Winter 2013 issue of British Columbia Magazine.

Here, Kirkby generously shares additional images from the shoot. To learn more about him and his adventures, see brucekirkby.com



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