A Day Trip To Shannon Falls

Not far from Squamish, Shannon Park Falls offers a fun escape

By Michaela Ludwig

Shannon Falls Park is a small recreation area that packs a lot of punch. Located next to Highway 99, just a few kilometres south of Squamish, Shannon Falls Park is only 86 hectares in size, but it’s home to BC’s third highest waterfall.


Shannon Falls originates from Mount Habrich and Mount Sky Pilot, which rise about 335 metres above Highway 99. By comparison, Della Falls in Strathcona Park is 481 metres and Hunlen Falls in Tweedsmuir Park is 396 metres.



Shannon Falls Park offers a day-use area with picnicking, hiking and access to Stawamus Chief Park, not to mention beautiful views of the falls. The park is open all year long, but visitors should be wary of potentially slippery spots in the winter time and the parking lots are not maintained in the winter. The hiking trail to the falls is about 350 metres long and passes through a wooded area.



According to the BC Parks’ website, this area holds significant spiritual value to the Squamish First Nation. “They told of a two-headed sea serpent, Say-noth-ka, who lived in and around Howe Sound. According to legend, this beast travelled both on land and in water. Some versions say it was Say-noth-ka who formed Shannon Falls. By slithering and twisting his powerful body up the mountainside on repeated expeditions, Say-noth-ka gradually wore down a spillway for those cascading waters.”

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