Are you as excited as I am about December? Sure, the month may be damned by incessant Christmas music, close quarters with extended family, and attending your spouse's office party, but what about snow on the mountains? What about eggnog and ugly sweaters? What about seasonal beer?

In my family, winter has usually been a time for wine. But these days we're intrigued by syrupy coconut porters and vanilla stouts. The landscape for craft beer has never been so interesting and we were keen to know what B.C.'s craft brewers are cooking up for Christmas. We reached out across the province and asked for featured seasonals. At last count we had 41 breweries submit 55 unique beers. Some are annual favourites, some are draft only and most are limited release. With such limited supplies, you'd best get them while the shelves are still stocked. 


Postmark Brewing

Winter Red Ale

Postmark Brewing Winter Red Ale(c) Postmark Brewing

Tasting Notes: A beer designed to be enjoyed during the winter jubilations. Our Red Ale "smash" uses a unique Belgian yeast that highlights the delicate fruit flavours and fragrant spicy aroma. Indulge and be joyous."

Dates Available: Available now until approximately the end of January beginning of February

Where can I buy it? Select BCLs, Postmark Brewery (Railtown, Vancouver) and private retailers (LRS)


Wheelhouse Brewing Co.

Smokehouse Porter

Smokehouse Porter(c) Wheelhouse Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: Robust porter with a big, silky mouthfeel and a strong smoky taste.  6.3 % ABV, 55 IBU  Smokehouses have been used on the coast for hundreds of years. Originally used to preserve fish caught in the summer and fall, smokehouses of today are used to give a wonderful tasted to wild caught fish. Our Smokehouse Porter uses smoked malt to contribute to a robust, well rounded porter that goes well with hearty foods or a roaring fire and a good book during a winter storm.

Dates available: December -February

Where can I buy it? Private retailers and at the brewery in Prince Rupert.


Divide Rides Cedar Stout

Tasting notes: In celebration of the season, we have teamed up with our buds at Divide Rides, makers of custom skis and boards to make a gnar seasonal.  This beer incorporates the same cedar used by the lads in the construction of their skis and boards. Its essence is likely to inspire in you a need for tight lines and pow for days.

Dates available: January to March

Where can I buy it? Exclusively at the brewery.


Arrowhead Brewing Company

Midnight Special Coffee Porter

Arrowhead Brewing CompanyArrowhead Brewing CompanyTasting notes: A dark full-bodied porter, brewed with roasted malts and Kicking Horse Coffee, giving it a rich, coffee flavour. 

Dates available: Mid-December until it runs out. (We anticipate until late winter or early spring.) Moral of the story: get while you can.

Where can I buy it? It will be on tap out of the brewery for growlers and pints, as well as 650 ml bottles that will be available at private retailers in Alberta and B.C.


Moon Under Water

Dark Side of the Moon

Moon Under Water(c) Moon Under Water

Tasting notes: Rich and chocolaty with a hint of sweet orange. This Oatmeal Session Stout is a brew for those dark and dreary winter nights when all you want to do is curl up and pretend you're travelling the galaxy battling space dinosaurs. 4.2% ABV

Dates available: As early as December 9th (at the brewery and on Vancouver Island) and Lower Mainland B.C. by December 16

Where can I buy it? Private liquor stores (Vancouver Island & Lower Mainland), and at the brewery in Victoria


Driftwood Brewery

Blackstone Porter

Blackstone PorterSean Fenzl

Tasting notes: Blackstone is a London style dry porter brewed with black, chocolate & caramel malts producing robust notes of bittersweet chocolate, caramel and roasted coffee. The dry finish leaves the palate yearning for more!

Dates available: Late October to late Early April

Where can I buy it? BCLs, brewery only, private retailers, etc.. Available via BCLs, private liquor stores, on tap and at the brewery



Townsite Brewing

Bière D’Hiver

Townsite BrewingRomeo Styles

Tasting notes: Subtly spiced with coriander, star anise and Belgian candi sugar. This mother of a dark ale tastes of plums, currants and caramel.

Dates available: Mid-November until mid-January

Where can I buy it? At the brewery in Powell River, private retailers and craft beer bars


Main Street Brewing

Stag & Pheasant Imperial Stout

Stag & Pheasant Imperial StoutEvoke International Design

Tasting notes: This stout is a combination of rich roasted malts which give a deep, earthy taste, while interlacing chocolate, coffee and a touch of pine with a hint of smoke. The bitterness balances out the sweetness to finish off this delicious winter warmer. 9% • 65 IBU

Dates available: Now through to end of January at the 

Where can I buy it? Brewery, Private Retailers and Select LDB’s.



Big Rock Urban Brewery

Midnight Rhapsody Dark Ale

Big Rock Urban BreweryBig Rock Urban Brewery

Tasting notes: Brewmaster Jody Hammell’s winter creation, Midnight Rhapsody is a dark ale with a smooth finish, soft bitterness, and subtle berry flavours. It pours a dark amber with subtle currant and roasted malt and aromas. Available in 650 ml bottles. 

Available dates: December 7 until Spring 2016

Where can I get it? At Big Rock Urban Brewery (Creekside, Vancouver) and private liquor stores


Winter Spice Ale

Big Rock Urban BreweryBig Rock Urban Brewery

Tasting notes: We crafted Winter Spice as the winter warmer that we’d want to drink to give us much-needed comfort during the cold season. Aromas of cloves and caramel evoke the sensation of home baking and the rich, malty flavour is enhanced with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger. Available in 6-packs. 

Available dates: Now until Spring 2016

Where can I get it? Big Rock Urban Brewery, BCL & private liquor stores


Powell Street Craft Brewery

Enigma Stout

 powell bear seasonal brew craftDavid Bowkett

Tasting notes: This American-style stout is perfect for the winter months. Its big malt body is balanced with a firm bitterness and plenty of roast flavour featuring notes of espresso and chocolate. 6% 55 IBU

Dates available: November 27th - as long as it lasts. (Estimated end of January)

Where can I get it? In our tasting room, draught at select specialty craft beer parlours, bottles across greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island, private retailers.


Green Leaf Brewing Co.

Lolo Stout

Green Leaf Brewing Co. lolo stoutGreen Leaf Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: Brewed with a generous helping of chocolate malts and a touch of roasted barley. Enjoy on long winter nights in front of the fireplace. 

Dates available: Now until it's gone - probably by March or April

Where can I get it? Get it on tap at the brewery (Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver) and private liquor stores.


Red Collar Brewing Company

Chocolate Orange Stout  

Red Collar Brewing CompanyRed Collar Brewing CompanyTasting notes: A chocolate orange, for grownups. Cocoa, orange peel and Mandrina hops went into the boil of this oatmeal stout, followed by a conditioning stint on Seville oranges. A unique balance of citrus and chocolate go hand-in-hand with the silky smooth mouthfeel of this brew. 5.9% ABV, 30 IBU

Available dates: December 8th, Draught Only

Where can I get it? At the Red Collar tasting room and select tap houses

Ye Olde Pucker Face Cranberry Sour

Red Collar Brewing CompanyRed Collar Brewing CompanyTasting notes: A cooper ale that we soured with lactobacillus, added cranberries and then dry-hopped with Topaz. Fermented with our proprietary house Belgian yeast strain. 4.8% ABV, 10 IBU

Available dates: December 14th, draught only

Where can I get it? At the Red Collar tasting room and select tap houses


Dageraad Brewing

Anno 2015

Dageraad BrewingDageraad Brewing

Tasting notes: Brewed with Indian coriander and pears harvested at their peak of ripeness from Sanderson Farm in Keremeos, B.C., Anno 2015‘s blend of spice and fruit notes make it an excellent companion for holiday eating. Its warming alcohol strength helps the drinker fend off the chill of winter and makes the beer a good candidate for cellar-aging.

Dates available: December 9th until it runs out, which will probably be around New Year's.

Where can I get it? The beer will be available at our brewery (Burnaby) and at private retailers.



Hoyne Brewing Co.


Hoyne Brewing Co.Hoyne Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: A beautiful winter warmer, mildly spiced, 9% where you want to watch out or it will sneak up on you.

Dates available: Just launched in limited release. Gratitude will sell out with days or weeks. Get it while you can. 

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Victoria) and private liquor stores.


Whistler Brewing Company

Winter Dunkel

Whistler Brewing CompanyWhistler Brewing Company Winter Dunkel
Tasting Notes
: We start with chocolate and wheat malts and then add a liberal helping of 100% organic chocolate supplied by the Whistler Chocolate Company. Then we steep the brew with authentic orange zest and coriander in our pure copper kettles during the boil.  The result is rich, full-bodied subtly sweet and with a decidedly chocolate orange finish. 

Dates available: December 1 to end of February.

Where can I get it? At the brewery, B.C. Liquor Stores, and private retailers


Tofino Brewing Company

Tofino Dark Lager

Tofino Brewing CompanyTofino Brewing Company

Tasting notes: Black colour and rich, roasted malt notes harmonize with the light body and clean, crisp finish of a lager in a delicate balance between light and dark

Dates available: December through February (-ish)

Where can I get it? Find it at the brewery and private retailers throughout B.C.


Dawn Patrol Coffee Porter

Tofino Brewing CompanyTofino Brewing Company

Tasting notes: Porter with dark, brown colour.  Complimented by rich, chocolate malts and conditioned with locally roasted coffee beans and bourbon soaked vanilla beans

Dates available: Now until the end of January (-ish)

Where can I get it? Find it at the brewery, private retailers and some BCLS stores throughout B.C.


Category 12 Brewing

Induction Dubbel

Category 12 BrewingCategory 12 Brewing

Tasting notes: Induction Dubbel is a traditional Belgian style of beer that is a rich maroon colour with flavours of brown sugar and hints of dark fruit. It is deceptive however, as it is light-bodied. Dark candi syrup, keeping with Belgian tradition, provides colour and complex raisin flavours while helping our dubbel get up to 7.5% ABV without adding all that “heaviness” most higher alcohol beers have.

Where can I get it? At the brewery (in Saanichton, Vancouver Island), private retailers and select draught customers


Longwood Brewery

Winter’s Own - Weizenbock

Winter’s Own - WeizenbockSean Fenzl; Label design: Hired Gun’s Creative

Tasting notes: Winters Own will blanket your taste buds like a fresh winter snowfall. Malty, spicy, fruity and refreshing. German style wheat bock made with 50% wheat and Bavarian wheat yeast. This “Bête Blanche” will keep you insulated from the chill of old man winter. IBUs: 18. Alc/vol: 6.5%

Dates available: Released December 1 2015, tentative end date January 31 2016

Where can I get it? Drop by the brewery (Nanaimo) for a tasting or for a full meal in the brew pub. Available at private LRS locations on Vancouver Island, Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley


Cannery Brewing

Darkling Oatmeal Stout

Cannery BrewingCannery Brewing

Tasting notes: Poetry and beer go hand in hand.... The balance and rhythm in both creates a seamless artistry that rolls over your palate and lingers, waiting to be deciphered. This oatmeal stout balances smooth mouth feel with bittersweet roasted flavours to brighten the blackest of days. Artisan Creations series (limited release.)

Available dates: This fall/winter for a limited time and should be until at least January 2016)

Where can I get it? On tap and cans sold at the brewery (Penticton), while 650 ml bottles are available in private liquor stores. 355 ml cans in the Cannery Collection are distributed throughout BC Liquor Stores and private liquor stores.


Maple Stout

Cannery BrewingCannery Brewing

Tasting notes: The addition of natural maple brings this premium stout a softer, smoother mouth feel and adds a touch of sweetness to balance the dark rich malts. It is a truly Canadian version of an old British classic. 

Dates available: Now through spring 2016

Where can I get it? At the brewery, BC Liquor Stores and private liquor stores.


Steel & Oak Brewing Co.


Steel & Oak Brewing Co.Steel & Oak Brewing Co.

Tasting Notes: This limited release four grain porter is hand crafted with oat, barley, wheat and rye malts. It has roasted notes with wings of chocolate, nutmeg, almonds and a gentle bitterness to finish.

Dates available: Now - January 30th

Where can I get it? At the brewery (in New Westminster) and in private LRS's across B.C.


Rossland Beer Company

Seven Summits Milk Stout

Rossland Beer CompanyRossland Beer Company

Tasting notes: A Sweet stout that makes you a stout believer. From mocha coffee to chocolate milk with a full malty body Mmmmmmm Style -Stout. ABV- 5.9%, IBU-20, Colour -31.4. Seven Summits Milk Stout took 1st place 2015 Canadian Brewing Awards.  

Dates available: We start having it available sometime between end of golf season and the snow starts falling to end of ski season. It will come and go through out the winter season We can never make enough .

Where can I get it? At the brewery for fills and by the glass (sometimes only by the glass). Local pubs sometimes have it pouring as well. Also available at our local cold beer and wine stores...but usually sells out fast.


Canuck Empire Brewing

Creekside Coffee Stout

Canuck Empire BrewingCanuck Empire Brewing

Tasting NotesCreekside Coffee Stout is winter in a bottle. This beer is black as night with a thick head of light brown foam. Aromas of coffee, chocolate, and a touch of smoke ignite your senses. Coffee and chocolate flavours mingle with the silky body and balanced hops to create a seriously drinkable beer. Delicious!
5.2% ABV 40 IBU’s, cold brewed coffee supplied by Clearbrook Coffee Company

Available dates: Beginning of December through February

Where can I get it? Private retailers only


Fernie Brewing Co.

Black Mammoth – Winter Ale

Fernie Brewing Co.Fernie Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: To mark our 10th Anniversary in January 2013, we celebrated with a new limited release darkly delicious winter brew. "Our most decadent brew yet  –  a rich, strong winter black ale. A healthy addition of chocolate malt, plus infusions of dark organic cocoa and Seville orange peel provide unique flavour. Extra aging on oak adds smoothness and complexity.” It since returns as an annual Limited Release Winter Ale. Pairs well as a strong and hearty accompaniment to a cold winter’s day!

Dates availableDecember, until it runs out; limited release, so get it before it's gone. 

Where can I get it? At the brewery and select LSRs - see full list here


Snowblind Belgian IPA

Fernie Brewing Co.Fernie Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: Following Rockpile Red IPA, Fernie Brewing Co.'s second offering in our Bucket List IPA series combines the traditional Belgian IPA style, with some of the newest hop varietals from Australia and New Zealand. Snow Blind Belgian IPA delivers another truly original brew experience. This is the second in Fernie Brewing Co.’s IPA Bucket List – a 6 part IPA series, with one unique brew launching every 2 months. I
BU – 78 and 7.9% alc./vol.

Date available: Mid-December through January (limited release!)

Where can I get it? At the brewery, on tap at select locations throughout the Kootenays, Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.



Winter White Stout


Tasting notes: Steamworks Winter White Stout takes the rich typical stout flavours and body imparted from oats and barley, but without the dark coloured, roasted malts traditionally used in a stout.  Instead, these roasted notes come from first aging the beer with whole espresso beans from East Vancouver’s Pallet Coffee, and then with whole cacao beans from East Van Roasters.  The result is a deliciously unexpected brew that pours light gold with a thick white head, perfect for the West Coast Winter.
5.1% alc/vol 33 IBU’S

Dates available: December through march




Tasting notes: This Winter Ale is an ode to the Belgian Tripel. Apple and citrus aromas along with a toasted malt character make for a refreshingly different holiday brew. So curl up closer to the steam pipes and warm up for the festive season.
9.0% alc/vol 20 IBU’S

Date available: Now


Central City Brewing

Red Racer & Jeff O'Neil Show Gingerhead Gingerbread Stout
Central City BrewingCentral City Brewing

Tasting notes: This full bodied Irish-style Stout is smooth, dark and creamy with notes of baked gingerbread that will make this an instant holiday classic.  Hints of roasted barley, chocolate and crystal malts combine with a warm lingering finish of ginger and cinnamon that pleasantly round out one of our richest creations to date.

Dates available: Available now and will be around until February 2016 (or while quantities last)

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Surrey), BC Liquor Stores, and select private retailers across B.C.


Red Racer Habanero Stout

Central City BrewingCentral City Brewing
Tasting notes
: This full bodied Irish-style Stout is smooth, dark and creamy with notes of baked gingerbread that will make this an instant holiday classic.  Hints of roasted barley, chocolate and Red Racer Habanero Stout is a classic Russian Imperial Stout with the subtle addition of Habanero chilis to create a warming and spicy mouth feel.  Pronounced notes of coffee and chocolate balanced with Northwest hops and a touch of heat produce an exceptional Imperial Stout. 8.5% ABV

Dates available: Now (while quantities last)

Where can I get it



Strange Fellows Brewing

Krampus Double 

Strange Fellows BrewingStrange Fellows BrewingTasting notes: Brewed with Belgian dark malts & candy sugar, this abbey style double is rich with the flavour of dried stone fruits and subtle toffee notes. With its understated hop bitterness, and subtly sweet character, this deceptively alcoholic beer has a lasting warming affect on the constitution. Just the thing for a cold winter's night.

Dates available: Now through early January

Where can I get it? In the tasting room at the brewery (East Vancouver) and a few select establishments around Vancouver. UPDATE: Krampus has already began to sell out! Look for it at The Alibi Room, Sunset Grill, Rogue Gastown, Mackenzie Room, Cobalt and Colony Main Street (tap takeover on December 9th) over the next few weeks. 


Amber the Tart 

Strange Fellows BrewingStrange Fellows BrewingTasting notes: Sour, fruity and slightly malty. This recent release could be considered to be a baby Oud Bruin with a character reminiscent of cherries and plumbs.

Dates available: Now through it runs out (early January)

Where can I get it? Exclusively served in the taproom


Swans Brewpub

7 Swans A Swimming

Swans BrewpubSwans Brewpub

Tasting notes: Tis the Saison.  Hazy, rustic amber beer brewed with raisins to create a unique complexity. Perfect if you have a stocking in need of stuffing.
7% alc. Vol.

Dates available: December, while supplies last

Where can I find it? Try it on tap at Swans Brewpub or take it home from Swans Beer & Wine Store next to Swans or craft beer friendly liquor stores.

WebsiteClick here


Lighthouse Brewing Company

Seaport Vanilla Stout

Seaport Vanilla StoutLighthouse Brewing CompanyTasting notes: Seaport Vanilla Stout seamlessly blends the roasted coffee and dark chocolate characters of a stout with the exotic flavour of pure vanilla, extracted locally from the finest Madagascan vanilla beans.
5.5% ABV, 17 IBU

Dates available: Now until March

Where can I get it? Private and government retail stores, as well as at the brewery in 650ml bombers, 355ml bottles in our Bounty Winter Mixer and on the growler station as well.


Bomber Brewing

Old Fat Heater Winter Ale 

Bomber BrewingBomber Brewing

Tasting notes: Warm up from the inside with this copper-brown winter ale. Dark fruits and candy cane accompany light scents of alcohol, rising up on medium-high carbonation. Notes of caramel, dates, and figs are ripe for the season, and rounded out by a clean bitter finish.

Dates available: November to March

Where can I get it? Private liquor stores and select bars and restaurants.


Choqlette Porter

Bomber BrewingBomber Brewing

Tasting notes: It’s old worldly charm with a modern day spin. Rich roasted malts with chocolate a l’ancienne. 3 chocolate additions are done to build flavour and aroma, with French Aramis hops giving it a mild floral aroma beneath the roastiness and chocolate.

Dates available: December to March

Where can I get it? Private liquor stores and select bars and restaurants.


Barkerville Brewing Co.

Promise to Sophia - Valentine Ale

Barkerville Brewing Co.Barkerville Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: Layers of rich caramel, chocolate and roasted coffee blend perfectly with the fragrant vanilla and anise in this robust, slightly sweet, milk stout. The contributions from the Columbus and Centennial hops take a back seat in this 6.9% alc./vol., 31 IBU, smooth winter warmer. Promise to Sophia is sure to inspire everlasting devotion.

This beer tells the tragic yet romantic tale of Sophia Cameron and her husband’s pledge to ensure she was buried back home in Ontario after she fell victim to the hardships of the Cariboo gold rush.

Available dates: Mid-December until mid-February

Where can I get it? In private liquor store across the province.


Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.

Cold Smoke
Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: A complex and interesting brown Porter, lighter bodied and coloured than stout. It tastes best served at  4-10c in a stout glass. This is a strong beer at 6.5% ABV but easy drinking and no “boozy” taste of the alcohol. Mild beech wood smoke well balanced with rich malt and caramel sweetness. Subtle woody flavors with a clean dry finish.

Dates availableWinter seasonal, available until April.

Where can I get it? At government and private liquor stores in B.C.


Brave Liver Scotch Ale
Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.Mt. Begbie Brewing Co.

Tasting notes: Very easy drinking strong ale. Many layers of flavor unravel as the beer warms up, best at 10-13c in a Thistle (tulip) glass. Low hop, subtle notes of Caramel, Vanilla, Oak with peaty scotch flavors in the finish. 

Dates available: Fall seasonal limited release in stores until February

Where can I get it? Select private liquor stores in B.C.


Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.

Tasting notes: Say hello to our little friend! Scarfface is snow-packed with enough cranberry and citrus to make a bad guy feel good, and is a welcome break from the heavy winter ales.Pouring a soft melon orange colour with a pillow white head, aromas of fresh oranges and fruity esters lead to a sweet orange wheat body, that finishes with a crisp cranberry tartness.

Dates available: This seasonal brew is only available for a limited time

Where can I get it? From your preferred craft-focused private liquor store.


Thorny Horn Sour Raspberry Brown Ale

Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.Phillips Brewing & Malting Co.Tasting notes: Pucker up and play the sour note! Thorny Horn Raspberry Brown Ale, our latest seasonal beer, is brewed intentionally sour. Born as a medium bodied brown ale, it is infused with raspberries and augmented with lively Lactobacillus bacteria, the magical secret to sour. (**tasty fun-fact: our ‘lacto’ strain was actually cultured in-house from our own spent grain)Pouring a deep ruby red colour topped by a frothy bubblegum-pink head, a tangy berry nose leads to a rich, slightly sharp raspberry tartness through the body that finishes puckeringly dry.

Dates available: For a limited time - get it before it's gone! 

Where can I get it? Private craft-focused liquor stores


Dead Frog Brewery

Cold Brew Red Ale
Dead Frog BreweryDead Frog Brewery

Tasting Notes: A smooth red ale infused with cold brewed bourbon vanilla tea. The tea is hand made in North Vancouver by The Tea Guy, an artisinal tea shop in North Vancouver.

Dates available: October to March

Where can I get it? BCLS, private retailers, select pubs and restaurants

Nutty Uncle Peanut Butter Stout
Dead Frog BreweryDead Frog Brewery

Tasting Notes: A creamy milt stout brewed with 6 premium malts, roasted cocoa beans, and peanut butter.  Flavours of roasted chocolate and coffee make way for smooth hints of peanut butter and a slightly sweet finish.

Dates available: December and January

Where can I get it? BCLS, private retailers, select pubs and restaurants


Canoe Brewpub

Winter Ale

Canoe BrewpubCanoe Brewpub

Tasting notes: A rich, warming brew, designed for sipping by the fire with friends and family. It interweaves flavours of the Belgian Dubbel style with Canoe’s clean, crisp house character. Deep amber in colour, with hints of dried fruit and holiday spice. Rich and malty, with a rounded warming finish.
8% ABV, 22 IBU’s, FG: 1.008

Dates available: Now until Late January

Where can I get it? At Canoe Brewpub (in Victoria), and select Cascadia Liquor Stores and 4-Mile locations.

Three Ranges Brewing Co.

14 in Dog Years - 2nd Anniversary Ale

Three Ranges Brewing Co.Three Ranges Brewing Co.Tasting notes: An imperial amber ale well dry-hopped for aging with a balanced flavour and a lightly hoppy finish.

Dates available: Through December

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Valemount) and select accounts in Prince George and Kamloops while they last

Unkindness Stout

Three Ranges Brewing Co.Three Ranges Brewing Co.Tasting notes: Unkindness is a liquid wave of black wings swirling across your palette. The raven is symbolic of magic and power; this dark maltiness of this stout will carry you away. No bad omens here.

Dates available: January through March

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Valemount) and select stores in Prince George and Kamloops



Persephone Brewing Company

Smoked Porter

Persephone Brewing CompanyPersephone Brewing Company
Tasting notes
: Aromas of smoke and roast up front, this strong, dark ale is brewed with a hefty percentage of beechwood smoked barley malt and roasted malts. Rich and roasty with a balancing hop presence, this is a perfect beer to pair with food or to sip on it’s own on a cold winter’s night.

Dates available: Now until it runs out (January?)

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Gibsons) and most beer stores in the region

Barley Wine

Persephone Brewing CompanyPersephone Brewing CompanyTasting notes: Aroma of cherries, plums and molasses with a rustic herbal hop character. A strong dark ale, this beer is brewed with an absurd amount of malt which gives it a toasty flavour and a pleasant alcohol warming.

Dates available: Now until it runs out (January?)

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Gibsons) and most beer stores in the region


Bridge Brewing Company

Grinch Winter Ale

Bridge Brewing CompanyChantalIreland.comTasting notes: This naughty but nice winter warmer is now an oaked porter, with hints of vanilla, and cinnamon for a richer and creamier flavour profile. Perfect for curling up in front of a fire on the cold winter nights.
6.3% ABV, 28 IBU

Dates available: November until sold out!

Where can I get it? Select government and private liquor stores in B.C.

Uganda Sipi Coffee Brown Ale

Bridge Brewing CompanyChantalIreland.comTasting notes: This is a smooth, rich, and malty brown ale brewed with the addition of Uganda Sipi Falls coffee roasted by our good friends at Moja Coffee.  The coffee beans were added after fermentation, leading to soft, slightly earthy, and fruity coffee aromas. The roasty character of the beer and the fruity spice notes of the hops used play well together, making this a great beer as the weather slowly turns.
6.1% ABV, 28 IBU

Dates available: October until sold out

Where can I get it? Select government and private liquor stores and on draft at select restaurants in B.C.


Red Truck Beer Company

Swamp Thing Stout

Red Truck Beer CompanyRed Truck Beer CompanyTasting notes: Swamp Thing Stout pays homage to our founder’s first truck that he used to climb through the bush, high in the Monashee Mountains in search of the best mud-flinging, wheel-spinning, adrenaline-filled good time. Although Swamp Thing has long since been retired, our stout with its dark malts and rich flavours proudly displays our love of our craft. Roll up your sleeves and get to work, this stout will really get your motor running.
4.5% ABV, 30 IBU

Dates available: Currently on shelves

Where can I get it? Private liquor stores as well as government liquor stores

Midnight Run Dark Lager

Red Truck Beer CompanyRed Truck Beer CompanyTasting notes: The stakes were high but the risk was even greater, and it went well, very well! We smuggled it out of the brewery right under our brewers’ watchful eyes and noses as they were saving this exceptional Dark Lager for their own personal stash… A Midnight Run was the only way to get it out without being apprehended. We took extremely high risks so you could enjoy our Dark Lager! This dark lager is bittersweet, roast coffee with light toffee flavour.

Dates available: Available in the next couple of weeks; limited series

Where can I get it? Find it at government and private liquor stores.



Moody Ales

Smouldering Smoked Porter

Moody AlesMoody AlesTasting notes: Ever want to drink the char marks on a steak? Now you can! Our Smouldering Smoked Porter contains copious amounts of beechwood smoked malts and is fermented with a clean yeast to showcase the smoky aromas of barbecued meats and wood fire. It is equally well suited to the summer, where it pairs well with charred red meat, and the winter, where it pairs well with the fireplace. 

Dates available: Available until mid to late February

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Port Moody) and private liquor stores in the Lower Mainland

Lusty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout

Moody AlesMoody AlesTasting notes: Some say the only ingredients in beer should be barley, hops, yeast and water. We say, the more the merrier. The Lusty Chocolate Oatmeal Stout is brewed with chocolate malt and cocoa, then conditioned on cocoa nibs for an intense chocolate flavour. Toasted oats contribute a baked oatmeal cookie aroma. A perfect treat right before bed. 

Dates available: Available until mid to late February

Where can I get it? At the brewery (Port Moody) and private liquor stores in the Lower Mainland



Parallel 49 Brewing

Ugly Sweater Milk Stout
Parallel 49 BrewingParallel 49 Brewing

Tasting notes: A North American take on a classic English style of beer. This beer is brewed as a smooth tasting stout and sweetened using milk sugar (lactose). The sweetness plays an integral part in balancing the roasted malts that give the beer it's dark colour.

Dates available: Now through December 31st

Where can I get it? At the brewery (East Vancouver), government stores and private stores.


Sahti Claws Finnish Sahti

Parallel 49 BrewingParallel 49 BrewingTasting notes: A traditional Finnish style of beer brewed since the viking era. A strong, unfiltered ale made with rye, barley, wheat and notably Juniper. Dry-hopped with Chinook and Simcoe hops for a pine flavour.

Dates available: Now through December 31st

Where can I get it? At the brewery (East Vancouver), government stores and private stores.


Nelson Brewing Company

Bent Pole Organic IPA

Bent Pole Organic IPABent Pole Organic IPATasting notes: We've crafted an unfiltered Pacific Northwest style India Pale Ale as a tribute to the 40th anniversary of Whitewater Ski hill. A light malt character lets the Magnum, Cascade, Simcoe, Centennial, Columbus (CTZ) hops burst. Pine, citrus and a light lemon zest balance off with a nice dry finish.

Dates available: Now until they run out; Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island early 2016

Where can I get it? 1,000 case run available while supplies last around the Kootenays at private and government liquor stores.


Vancouver Island Brewery

Hermannator Ice Bock

Hermannator Ice BockVancouver Island Brewery

Tasting notes: Brewed in limited batches each year, Hermannator Ice Bock was first introduced by Hermann, one of our original Brewmasters, during the holiday as a unique gift to his closest friends and customers. Crafted at 9.5% abv, using a signature blend of chocolate and caramel malts, this German Eisbock is slowly cold aged in our cellar for over 3 months.

Dates Available: Now until stock runs out! Usually until just after the New Year.

Availability: BC Liquor Stores, private stores and at the brewery (Victoria)


Storm Watcher Winter Lager

Storm Watcher Winter LagerStorm Watcher Winter Lager

Tasting notes: With the ocean mist glistening in the air, huge swells rolling in from the mighty Pacific and the fury of the gales howling it must be storm season. Much like the storms of the West Coast, our Winter Lager rolls in with notes of caramel and finishes with a crash of malt.

Dates Available: Now through February 2016

Availability: BC Liquor Stores, private stores and at the brewery (Victoria)


Bad Tattoo Brewing Company

Midnight Hopmare Black IPA

Bad Tattoo Brewing CompanyBad Tattoo Brewing CompanyTasting notes: Don't be fooled by the silky smooth mouthfeel, this black as midnight beer packs a whole lot of hop kick. Piney and resinous, this IPA has slight hints of citrus but boasting a robust roastiness from the dehusked black malts used. 

Dates available: Hopmare will be available until early January. It's available in select liquor stores in BC and that is likely to last until February.

Where can I get it? It’s on tap at Bad Tattoo brewery and you can find it in the Kettle Valley Pub in Penticton. 

Waes Hael 

Bad Tattoo Brewing CompanyBad Tattoo Brewing Company

Tasting notes: Inspired by the old Nordic and English tradition of Wassailing, this beer boasts a malt forward flavour accentuated by cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, allspice, ginger root, and roasted apples. Deep dark brown in colour, and low in IBU’s, the WaesHael inspires Yule Tide blessings, and offers a hearty reprieve from the cold weather. Best enjoyed slightly warmer than other ales. May you raise your cups high and Waes Hael! (Be You Healthy!)

Dates available: Waes Hael will be available until end of March.

Where can I get it? You can find it at the Kettle Valley Station Pub in Penticton. Further details regarding where else it will available will be released shortly. There are 240 cases of 650 bombers available. It will be stocked in select liquor stores in B.C.


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